Thursday, September 4, 2014

Catching Up: January-March 2014 In Phone Pics

This January we took this kids on a mini vacation to Great Wolf Lodge!  They were so so excited!

I also got a chance to attend our annual "Girl's Christmas" with my three besties from high school.  These ladies mean the world to me!

And we got a peak at little Cookie growing just as he should be!

And in February my belly GREW!

And Grew!

My Dad was in a horrible farm accident near the end of January!  I was finally able to take my boys to see him a few weeks later and they were so happy to give their DadDad hugs!

Then the snow came!  I was able to enjoy a lot of snow days home with my boys!

Bunte and I worked together to make a snowman!  Good Mother/Son bonding!

In Febrauary Wes and I went to our sister-in-laws birthday party.  She wanted an 80s theme.  We obliged.

And my belly just kept growing!

Payton showing off his family portrait.

Baby Cookie was still Cookin'

Wes and I took a baby moon to Va Beach in early March.  We got "snowed" in during the ice storm.  It was so nice to have some quiet time together.

Wes on the beach during the ice storm.  He did put his foot in the water.

And my belly grew more...

Isaiah continued to learn more about horses.  He loves every moment he is at the farm!

WOW!  This picture is only mid-March.... and Elias arrived at the end of May.  I was ...ahem... large.

I took the two littles to Baltimore to visit their Aunt Linda while Wes and Bunte were away on a father/son trip to Disney.  We had a great time!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Introducing our Newest Addition... Elias Graham

Wes made this cute little video for me as a surprise...

Friday, December 20, 2013

Born from the Heart

I just read this book (Born from the Heart) for the first time. As an AP, I wonder how I never heard about it before I saw it at the bookstore. Anyhow, if you think about the book literally it could be a little creepy, but what I do love about it is that it captures the loves the grows in a mother's heart as they wait to meet their child... and I think this book applies to ALL my children. I so desperately wanted to meet them all. It is awesome that I finally found a book that doesn't have to be about waiting for a bio baby or a child that joins a family through adoption..... but about both. 

Any other APs (and parents of bio and adopted children)out there that have read this book and want to chime in?

Born from the Heart 

2013 Review....Through Phone Pictures (Part III)

October brought more seasonal fun.  We took a trip to the apple orchard, the boys won their last soccer game and we delighted to bring home their trophies for their undefeated season, and we carved pumpkins and roasted seeds. Bunte and I took a trip to Maryland to celebrate his forever family day in October. We met his friends Lucas and had dinner at Medieval Times.  Boots also dressed up in his Halloween costume for his riding lesson and we later enjoyed trick or treating with our friends.  My favorite costume of the night was Wes' Forest Gump costume (the running version of Gump).

 In November the boys spent a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  I love the view of my boys taking care of their ponies!  Isaiah and Payton rode in the leadline class at the year end show.  I loved that Payton rode Bandit!  He looked amazing and was very proud to be riding the biggest horse at the entire show.  I also had an opportunity to visit my cousin and attend her baby shower - since her sister is also pregnant we took the opportunity to pose with all our baby bellies.

 Here we are in December.  Isaiah is practicing his big brother skills in preparation for the new baby.  Last weekend the boys went caroling in the mini carts with their grandmother.  Just to continue the holiday festivities I partnered with my department at school to perform for the 12 Days of Christmas assembly.  The students enjoyed laughing at our pitiful dancing skills.