Monday, May 21, 2007

Save the Boxers!

**BRBR also serves homes in Virginia**
This weekend Wes and I took a last minute trip to Northern Virginia. The Boxer Rescue we volunteer for needed us to do a home visit so that another lucky family can save a cute little boxer. Katie (D's cousin) and Tucker were very kind to us and gave us a place to crash for the night. Wes went to visit the family on Saturday morning while Katie and I stayed her place and got a chance to catch up and talk! If anyone else is interested in volunteering for the Boxer Rescue or wants to rescue a pup in need, I put the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue url under my Fun Links. There are over 40 waiting for homes as I write. Most of these boxers are rescued at the last minute from kill shelters. Jackson came from BRBR and has been a wonderful treat. We were hesitant to rescue an adult dog as we had heard horror stories of aggressive or dogs that cannot be socialized, but Jackson is niether. He is more of a cuddle bug than Lily or Carmen. If you are considering a dog at all, consider an adult rescue. Remember that bad people are at fault and not the animals. They should not be punished for human stupidity!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Because We Love Our Pups...

Okay, so some of you will laugh when you read this (Meghan esp.). I know some of you are just as bad. You just won't admit to buying your dogs "presents" or celebrating their birthdays, but you do! So, no laughing allowed. This week we celebrated Lily's FOURTH birthday. It is hard to believe she is already FOUR. Lily enjoyed her Jumbone cake with peanut butter icing. She shared her cake with her sister Carmen and brother Jackson. Then she opened her present... a new football made out of tennis ball material.
While having so many animals is exhausting and costly at times (like the emergency trip to the vet for Jackson just this week :), we are so grateful for the love and joy they give us everyday. Wes and I cannot imagine life without our cute little pups.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Wes and his mom with her Mother's Day Pink Elephants Vera Bradley :)

Dad with Granny

Today Wes and I made a very special Mother's Day dinner for Granny (chicken and dumplings, baked apples, green bean casserole, rice, and devil's food cake) and took it to her to celebrate. Then the family watched a DVD of Brooke's 9th place finish at the Lexington Spring Encore Grand Prix. I hope Mom and Granny had great Mother's Day. We love you guys!

I HATE Cancer

This is a picture of Kite's' family at their first-ever Relay for Life. Five years later they have raised over $50,000 for the American Cancer Society. Yea! For Judy. This is a pic of her second walk as a cancer survivor and this year she has been cancer free for five years.

Wes was on the committee for this year and has worked so hard to make it a wonderful event. His team (which is Judy's too) has raised over $50,000 in 5 years for the American Cancer Society. I am so proud of all the he does. However, I've noticed that every year I have to light more and more candles in memory or honor of another cancer victim or survivor. This week I found out that my aunt has liver cancer. I hate it. I want cancer to go away forever. Please pray for my family, me, and most of all, my aunt, as we all try to figure out the best way to handle this most difficult situation.

Inspired by Cristen

I love looking at my cousin Cristen's blog on a regular basis. Why? She posts all of these oh-so-cute-pics of her baby Kathryn. I don't get to see her family often, so it has become a quick way for me to see her baby grow and keep up with what is going on with her family, and to know what prayers she needs, etc. Although my blog won't be nearly as cool and fun since I don't have a cute little baby like Kathryn, I hope it will help others keep in touch with us and let them know what Wes and I are up to! Enjoy.