Sunday, October 28, 2007

District Champs!

On Tuesday October 23, the SHS boys Cross Country team became the first-ever Massanutten District Champions. The race was very close between TA, Harrisonburg, and Spotswood. THe SHS boys were able to pack together and hold on for the win! I am so proud of their hard work! Way to go guys! I was also just as proud of our (small) girls team! Six girls stepped to the line, and all six crossed the finish line. They had wonderful attitudes and came within a few points of Harrisonburg! Nice job, Ladies!

Free Rice

This is a totally cool website where you can help feed hungry people and increase your vocabulary! For every vocab word you match correctly, donor corporations give 10 pieces of rice to the UN for starving people! Try it out...but is addicting. Go to and start helping people!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Breath of Fresh Autumn Air

Today was quite a day. A day full of blessings and renewal. It is amazing how an everyday routine can truly take all of the fun out of life. As I post this, it is nearly 1am. I am such a nite owl and it seems that every nite I go to bed thinking that I did not do much that day and that I am so tired but I should do more. I don't know why I think these things, but I do. However, I know I do TOOO much. But today was the good kind of too much. I think that country song has lyrics that state "but I ain't never had too much fun." I seem to be rambling in a stream of thought here, but oh well. It is rare that I am so fulfilled at the end of the day. Anyway, I was blessed to be able to spend nearly the whole day OUTSIDE with friends and family. I started the day with a short run at Cross Country practice, then drove to watch Willow horse show her new pony, Kenny, then went on a hike with Wes and our four legged children and then went to the "Fear Forrest." WHEW! The pics below capture some of the amazing things I got to see and do today. If for some reason you are reading this and you are one of those indoor types that rarely goes outdoors, please step away from the computer, go out the door, take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy the beautiful nature God has so wonderfully created!

Me with my "children."
Wes and his babies on the Skyline drive.

Just past Big Meadows on the Skyline Drive. Jackson looks like he is deep in thought.


We spent several minutes just watching deer. It was neat to watch how they all reacted to our presence differently. Even deer are created with different personalities. How amazing!

I think she is WORN OUT!

Linda, Mom, Willow, and I after a howling good time at the Fear Forrest.

I snapped this shot on Tuesday after some members of the SHS CC team completed one of the "challenges" at Massanetta Spring. Going thru the course was a lot of fun. I truly enjoyed watching the guys work together as a team to accomplish their goals. They worked together to get the piece of TP all the way up the tree. Look closely...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Attention Crafters!

I went to an inservice yesterday and had the opportunity to create an African Wrap Doll! It was so much fun! I plan to do it with my students at some point this year... Here is the link for the dolls:,1789,HGTV_3242_1372689,00.html and I posted a pic of MY doll. Craft away...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sawyer's Play Day!

Sawyer at two months...

Sawyer tormenting his mother (he is now 14 weeks old)!

Look at Daisy's face. She is a SWEEET girl and a patient mom.

My big boys!

WOW! I hope he continues to be a pretty mover.

Today, Wes and I had fun watching Sawyer be...well...Sawyer. NOTHING intimidates him! Wes put out a sprinkler to water the field (we are in desperate need of rain) and Sawyer decided to give himself a bath and spray his mother while he was at it! Then, we put a pumpkin in the field to see how he would react...sure enough, curiousity got the best of him. Within seconds he was playing kickball with the pumpkin and then he tried to eat it...poor pumpkin. Finally he was bored with the water and the pumpkin and decided to pick on his mother for a while. Daisy is so saintly and tolerates his teeth nashing and rearing and pawing. Like most babies, his spurts of energy are short lived. After 30 solid minutes of "horse play," (ha ha) Sawyer took a rest next to his favorite big brother, Bandit. A few of the pics I included are Sawyer at two months...he has grown so quickly in just the last 5 weeks!

Friday, October 5, 2007


Yeah...I know... I have not posted anything for a while now. I wish I had more time to think, reflect, and do things that might actually deserve a posting :) Wes and I are truly consumed by our coaching duties. But today, for the first time in many weeks, I was able to come home at 330 and decided to ride Bandit. This is the first time I was able to ride him without rushing against the clock! After a little schooling in the ring, I loosened my reins, Bandit lowered his head, and we slowly walked home from Mom and Dad's. A cool fall breeze blew through his mane and against my cheeks. I looked around and everything seemed to beautiful. The sun was starting to set, leaving streaks of blue, pink, and orange in the sky; the mountains were crisp and clear and everything seemed peaceful. I am grateful that I finally got a few moments of calm, mind-clearing, relaxing serenity. This is why I love animals and nature... they/it are truly the essence of innocence, purity, and God's way of reminding me that he does have a plan for everyone and everything.

The last few weeks were a busy time for my extended family. Pop-pop (my grandfather) became very ill and passed away. I ended up taking 5 days off of work to help out/ travel to the Baltimore area to be with my family. Although Pop-pops passing was sad, I did enjoy seeing all of my extended family on my Mom's side. There are always silver linings... right? Wes always says I am a pessimist (and right he is) so I am making an effort to see the positive things life has to offer.

A few other tid-bits:
- My Granny (Dad's mom) is in the hospital again due to difficulty breathing
-Wes' football team won an incredibly tight game last Friday
-Daisy's foot is on the mend after ANOTHER vet bill
-Sawyer turned 3 months old...and he is so big now!
-Wes and I went to a savor the valley festival and to the pumpkin patch last weekend and had a BLAST
-Aunt Meg received news that her chemo is continuing to work...praise God