Tuesday, January 29, 2008


After several emails and phone calls asking if we had any news, I decided it was time to post again. The answer is, "not much news to report." But here are a few of the latest details. All of our home study references have sent in their letters. Wes and I were so humbled by their kind words and are thankful that they were willing to send in these letters on our behalf. They were each beautiful and heartfelt and one of the greatest gifts a friend could ever give us. Thank you!

So I called our agency on Monday to touch base. The lady processing our paperwork said she would tell our social worker to call us this week to set an official date for our first home study interview. We are anxiously awaiting a phone call.

In the mean time, our finger prints are processing. This could be a while...pray that our finger prints are smudge free and acceptable :) We also cleaned out the "green room" to start making room for nursery stuff. Wes' parents were so kind to give us an early baby shower gift... a crib. Here is an image of the crib from the catalog...ours is still in the box (as seen above). We are waiting a while to set up everything. I want to put up crown molding in the nursery before putting furniture in the room.

Thanks, again, to everyone who has prayed for us and continues to pray for us. We promise to share news as fast as we get it. However, adoption is the antithesis of speedy. So it may be a while between updates.
To wrap up this post, we just want to say THANK YOU!
* To our references for their sweet letters
* To Mom and Dad Kite for the crib
* To friends and family who continue to pray for us and support us through this lengthy process

Let it SNOW!

I am hoping for more beautiful snow in the very near future! Yea for snow days, sitting by the fire, and drinking hot chocolate. Winter is so miserable...except for snow days!

I just had to post this picture from the last snow day. I put Daisy's hay IN her stall...so she stood OUT of her stall to eat the hay. Horses are brilliant creatures :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Material World

Does it bother anyone else that a pair of shoes can cost $700? And...these are super ugly shoes...on the SALE rack!

While Wes and I were in Bethesda for one of our agency visits, we stopped to visit with my first year roomie, Zeina. It was wonderful to see her. We stopped at a nice mall and window shopped and had appetizers at a restaurant. On our way out, we looked at some shoes in a high end retail store. ICK! I was disgusted that people actually pay $ for this...junk. I know, I dress like a librarian and only wear danskos (not too trendy and fashionable or chic), but I cannot rationalize spending that much on shoes one cannot even wear often...not to mention the fact that they look terribly uncomfortable. I am not trying to be holier-than-thou (I am guilty of spending money on things that I don't really need ..aka Dept. 56 collectibles), but really their are people dying from hunger and illness and Americans are buying $700 shoes...off the sale rack. This is one girl who thinks fashion is a crock of poo and will never spend $700 on a pair of "trendy" shoes!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Two Thumbs Up for Juno!

Last weekend Wes and I went to see Juno. I knew that the movie was about a teenager who finds herself "preggers" and chooses adoption for her child. Although I would never promote teenage promiscuity, I thought this movie was GREAT! The very fact that the entire movie is about adoption is incredible. Adoption is becoming more accepted and does not have the stigma it once did; twenty years ago this movie would not have been well received. The movie also highlighted the relationship between the birth parent and the adoptive parent and that things aren't always black and white, people usually find themselves in the sticky gray area. If you can get past the over exaggerated teen lingo (I know that it is over exaggerated as I work with teens every day...), then I think you will find this movie full of humor, love, and human emotion.

I would like to note, however, that the adoption in the film was completely private, no agency was involved, which is quite different than most adoptions. Therefore, the process for the adoptive parent was a bit different than it is for us and most adoptive parents, for that matter.

Here is a little idea of the type of humor in Juno:

Juno MacGuff: If I could just have the thing and give it to you now, I totally would. But I'm guessing it looks, probably like a sea monkey right now, and I should let it get a little cuter.

So...if you are looking for a low key film with a few laughs, check out Juno.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Wes and I spent the weekend in Baltimore with our friends for our fifth annual after the holidays bash. Joe and Meghan treated us to a fabulous dinner, accompanied with games and fun for all. Meghan also surprised me and Wes. She helped us share our adoption news with others in a very creative way.

Thanks, Meghan, for hosting a great weekend.

Here are a few pics of the weekend:

Breakfast on Sunday at the Paper Moon with some of the worlds greatest friends (Wes, Frank, Ashley, D, Erin and Meghan)! If you ever get a chance to stop by and see the Paper Moon, it is quite a sight.
Willow and Wes outside of Ray Lewis' restaurant in Baltimore.Meghan surprised us with cupcakes to help celebrate our big news. Thanks, Meghan! We had a blast this weekend.
Although Meghan knew of the adoption, our other friends did not know yet. Meghan helped us make our announcement (although we did not know how she planned to do it...so it was really fun for us,too!) We played bunco (sp?) and when it was time to open the presents, everyone had a baby item. Then Wes and I filled our friends in with our news. Wes was holding the little wash clothes and looked at me. I knew exactly what he was thinking..."this is real, isn't it." Last night was the first time it really felt real...that we might actually have our baby within a "relatively" timely fashion. Oh, how the excitement grows.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I am a pessimist

The last of the documents we need to turn in arrived in the mail today. Wes will FedEx our paperwork on Wednesday and then all we need to wait on are our references to mail in thier forms and we are ready for our date with the homestudy social worker :)

When we called on Friday to tell our agency we were nearly done with the paperwork, the agency was surprised! I felt accomplished to have it all done so quickly :) Each box I check off on my list makes me more and more excited about adoption! I really am dreading the WAIT stage because I know I will feel completely helpless. Sara and Nate, friends of ours that are also adopting, are currently experiencing these frustrations and bumps in the adoption process. Please keep them in your prayers.

Thanks to everyone for your kind and supportive words. And to answer the question that seems to first on everyone's list of questions: when? Well, that really depends on many factors and the answer right now is as little as four months to as long as two years before baby KemperKite arrives. So while I want to jump up and down with excitement, the very rational (and pessimistic) part of me says, "Diana, do NOT get TOO excited...yet. There is still a long road ahead." But I am hoping the road is shorter than my pessimistic self expects it to be.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Paperwork Sprint...

Whew! Wes and I are nearly done with our FIRST paperwork sprint. I am sure something will be wrong or not signed or not notarized...but we have put a HUGE dent on the home study paperwork. On Monday we were fingerprinted, got physicals, got blood work, acquired bank notes and certified checks, applied for driving records, wrote our autobiographies, got copies of our marriage and birth certificates and created a map of the house with our proposed fire escape route and meeting place! Whew. Yesterday, we completed the final two hours of required online adoption training. All we have to do is wait on the arrival of our driving records, pick up Wes' lab work, and get our letters of employment and then...to the post office I go. Once "B" (our adoption agency) receives all of this info, along with letters from our references, we are ready for our home study interviews and can really get this show on the road. One of the social workers at "B" said that most people take 6-8 weeks to complete their paperwork. We are shooting for a new world record...one week! This is almost fun for me, as it requires a lot of organization and attention to detail, not to mention a writing assignment.

We are praising God for his timing: I was not in school Monday and Wednesday which allowed us to make all of these trips and also we are grateful that all of labs came back great (except for my high cholesterol :(

Well, just wanted to update everyone on our progress to baby KemperKite. I think Grandmother Kemper is just as eager as anyone :)