Sunday, April 27, 2008

Daisy is Back!

This weekend marked Daisy and Diana's return to the horse show ring. We had a wonderful time (minus the huge storm that struck a tree a few hundred feet away). Daisy was so well behaved and managed to score a few ribbons. It was a yellow kind of day for us...mostly thirds. Wes snapped this photo when we pulled in the driveway after our big day. Daisy is a great girl! Wes also took her on a hunter pace today with John. I will post pics of that outing after later.



Guthrie has gained so much weight. We feed him 3 cups of dry puppy chow, two spoonfuls of wet puppy chow, 2 spoonfuls of whole milk yogurt, and a few dribbles of vegetable oil twice a day. The picture above was taken on 4-27-08 and the picture below on 4-6-08. What a difference 3 weeks and some TLC can make!


Guthrie has a really cool personality. Everyday he surprises me with something new. Yesterday he started drinking from the stream of water as I watered the flowers on the porch.

Guthrie loves to play with Jackson. He they are boxing away.

Guthrie is still looking for a loving home to be his forever home. If you are interested, please let me know!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Swimmin' in the Pool

As of today, Wes and I are officially swimming in the pool of 53 adoptive parents at Barker! I called to touch base with the domestic program coordinator. She informed us that moments before I called, our birth parent scrapbooks arrived at Barker and that they are ready to be shown to potential birth parents. It is almost surreal to think about. As of today, we could get a call any day, any week, any month, any year...well, you must get the drift by now. Other adoptive parents say this is one of the hardest stages of adoption because there is really nothing left for us to do...just wait and prepare for a baby.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I Ain't Got No Home...

I'm just a-roamin' 'round. (Woody Guthrie Lyrics and fitting words for Guthrie, our foster dog.)

Guthrie... at first I thought this was an awful name for a dog, and I am still not a huge fan, kinda fits. When you see Guthrie's face, he makes you think that he is a traveling dog, who has seen a lot, knows a lot, and all that he has seen and known was sad. He seems a little depressed to me. So, Guthrie, is a perfect name for this sad little(big) dog. In my mind I can picture Woody Guthrie, in the 30s, playing his guitar on the side of a dusty road, with this old, skinny boxer by his boots, strummin' and singing some folksy blues.

Guthrie is one skinny boy! He needs to be neutered, but he is too skinny for to be put under for surgery. We hope he puts on some pounds really fast! So far, he has shown no signs of food aggression towards people.

Guthrie fell asleep by the couch tonight. He settled down after a little walk down the road.

How can you resist this cute face?

So if you are interested (or know someone who is interested) in adopting a sweet boxer boy, let us know ASAP! 'Cause this boy is tired of a-roamin' 'round and wants a home to call his very own! But for now, this boy is thanking his lucky stars he wasn't gassed on Friday!

Friday, April 4, 2008

My Husband, The Softie

Normally, I am the one begging Wes to stop on the road so we can rescue a shaggy, sickly looking animal. But not this time...

Wes has become a very active member or Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue and a big animal loving softie. BRBR currently has over 90 Boxers waiting to be adopted. (PLUG: BRBR needs great boxer homes, we just saved 5 cute and cuddly know you would LOVE one!) All of these dogs have no other options. Most of them came from the pound in their very last hour. Sometimes BRBR will get there at 430 and they are scheduled to be euthanized or gassed at 5. Because we are so full at the moment and BRBR is out of foster homes at the moment, Wes signed us up to foster Guthrey who was supposed to be gassed today (Friday) at 5. It is so sad to think that MANY others dogs were gassed today at five, Guthrey was lucky enough to have a local BRBR rep in SC pick him up. We will get him Sunday afternoon. He comes to BRBR needing a lot of TLC, and Wes and I are going to try our best to give it to him! Once I am able to snap a pic of him, I will post it. If you are considering getting a dog, consider adopting a pet from a rescue, like BRBR, before purchasing from a breeder. These dogs are just as special and loving as the "one's with papers." Check out the website today... it is on my "Fun Links" list.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Quick Update

Just to let curious minds know... it looks like our social worker has finished all of our paperwork and will complete everything with a final interview with our reference on my birthday :) We have ordered our scrapbook and it is scheduled to be here b/w THursday and Friday for us to review. We will then order three more copies to send to Barker. Wes is waiting on a letter of employment to add to our file from his new employer. Once all of these little pieces of the puzzle are together (approx. April 14th) we will be swimming in the pool of potential adoptive parents at Barker. So, my due date is now....sometime after April 14th :)