Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Bree!

Payton has quite a busy social life these days! He spent Sunday afternoon celebrating his friend Bree's first birthday!
Payton catching up with Lucy.
I hope your wish comes true, Bree. Bree, like Payton, has egg allergies. Her mom was so sweet to make Payton his own little cake (see the green cupcake next to Bree's cake).

Lucy and Matthew (twins) and Payton enjoying the swings! We are going to have to invest in a swing set soon as Payton LOVES swinging!

See... look at that grin!

He also loves slides!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Scary Bunny

I was playing with Payton and discovered his first real fear....small bunnies. Watch and laugh...

Friday, October 23, 2009

13 Months

Once again another month has flown by and my little man is growing and changing so quickly.

We finally took Payton for his 12 month appt (more like 13 month) and he now weighs 18 lbs! This is exciting because he really is growing; he stayed at 16 lbs for so long I was beginning to worry a bit! I guess it is all that tofu he eats (thanks, again, Aunt Linda, for the tofu advice... it is seriously one of the best pieces of mommy advice I have ever received...) Moreover, his appt with the allergist confirmed his egg allergy so Payton will not get a flu shot or MMR shot as they contain egg proteins. I have mixed feelings about the vaccinations, but I am glad to have his allergy confirmed. He will go in for additional blood work to see just how severe his allergy is, but until then we have to carry an epipen to for Payton. I do hope he outgrows this allergy. (On a side note: One of my students (kid A) found out Payton was allergic to eggs. Kid A, " I feel so bad for him because he will never get to eat milk and cheese. Kid B responded, " Yes, he can!" Kid A, "No, he can't have any dairy products if he is allergic to eggs." Kid B, " You are dumb. Where do eggs come from?" Kid A, "Cows." Kid B, "No, chickens!" Rest of class: laughing so hard!!!!! ...and I should point out that this discussion was in a class full of 9th grade college prep kids ;).

Payton drinks about 24 ounces of whole milk a day and 7 ounces of water and juice and he eats mostly finger foods with tofu, green beans, cheerios, and fruit being his favorites-- he will only eat strawberries if I hold the entire strawberry for him to bite as he does not like little pieces of strawberry for some reason. He also enjoys rice and cheese (esp fresh mozzarella). He does not eat much meat because he consumes so much tofu that I think he is receiving more than enough protein. Overall, I think Payton is doing great. I do pray for his safety from "The Swine" (it is all over my school building). Most of my students that have had it say it is awful, but not as bad as some of their other flues from previous years. But still...I worry about my Sweet Pea.

Payton is also learning so many new skills. I am amazed when I sit back and watch him play. He can take things out of one basket and put them in another, stack blocks, understands the ideas of lids and fits them in like puzzles, "reads" books on his own, points to everything (esp the "doddies"- his latest name for the dogs), plays peek a boo, signs "music" and "more", stomps his feet and claps his hands on command, dances and dances and dances (his favorite song at the moment is "Clap Your Hands" by They Might Be Giants), and gives me the sweetest kisses.... I just love this fun, interactive stage. While it is a joy to see Payton grow and change, it also brings sadness as I fear that I will forget how Payton was at the stage or not be able to slow down long enough to capture each special moment. The another nite I sat in the recliner and rocked him until 1230 am (he had been asleep since 10) but I just wanted to cherish and soak up every minute. I still cannot believe God entrusted Wes and I with this little life. He is a miracle and I pray that I will be the Mom he needs me to be! I love him so much that I can hardly stand it... (I should note that this makes it sound like being a mom is all peaches n cream, and, well, that ain't true! Payton is also in a tantrum stage and pitches little fits, as in throws his head back, arches his back, and SCREAMS, as soon as things don't go the way he wants. Granted, these fits are very short lived as he is easily distracted, but still they are frustrating at times. I guess this is a tiny taste of the terrible twos.)

Payton is FINALLY sleeping again. We started putting a blanket in his crib and he sleeps like a champ until 7 or so. I think that he was getting cold at night (I feel like a bad mom now)! I must say that Wes and I enjoy having the bed to ourselves again, but I don't mind when Payton wakes up on Saturday mornings and snuggles with us. I just did not feel like I could really sleep when he was waking up and getting in our bed at 2am. I don't have a problem with the idea of co sleeping, but I just found it hard to get real sleep because I constantly woke up to check on him. Ahhhh--- real sleep, 5+ hours at a time, is priceless. Thanks, sweet boy, for deciding to sleep again.

Another milestone: This past month Payton also trotted on his pony for the first time ( I was riding with him). We also walked over his first "jump." I cannot wait for him to actually sit on Daisy and ride by himself. He really does love his pony.

Still no walking... all in good time.

Sorry these posts are so jumbled, but it just helps me document how The Pate, as we sometimes call him, changes each month.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beautiful Faces!

I took this pic tonight at Marta's third birthday party! I just love how each child's personality shines through. As always, Payton enjoyed playing with his Eritrean/Ethiopian/Sudanese friends. We even celebrated with a coffee ceremony and delicious injera with spicy beef.
The birthday girl cutting the cake.

Marta wanted to stand on the table to be taller than the others... who are all older.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jackson Update

Today there was NO poo waiting for me when I came home from work! Woohoo! Maybe our little Jack is on the mend. Keep praying!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Puppy Troubles

Poor Puppy! Please pray he feels better soon!

Our sweet boxer boy, Jackson, keeps getting sick. For the last two week she has, on again off again, pooped/puked all over the place! (I know, TMI, but I am frustrated and need to vent. I am so afraid I will be adding another box of ashes to our collection of dead-in-2009-pets. If you haven't noticed, I am really ready for 2009 to be over.) We spent $400 at the vet last week for tests (x-ray, fecal, blood, etc) and came up with NOTHING! He is still vomiting this thick, sticky marshmallow-y stuff that smells like poop. I am not sure what to do...the vet suggested that he might have an ulcer? We are giving him "special" (aka EXPENSIVE) food and pepcid, but it isn't doing the trick because he vomits up the pepcid before it can calm his tummy. I am so over the poop smell in our house and even more disgusted with vet bills! Why can't we just have healthy animals for just a little while! We really have had more than our fair share of dog and horse drama... AND I AM OVER IT! Prayer needed, advice requested...
Addendum: There are many bigger problems in this world than dog poo and I know that and I am trying to keep things in perspective... it is just hard sometimes. We really love our animals and our hearts are so tired of hurting and worrying over them :(. We just want them to be happy and healthy.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Celebration

This past Saturday Wes, Payton, I met our long-time friends (from high school!) Kevin and Cristin and their daughter Bree, at a local farm to celebrate the fall season! We had a blast watching the kids explore. Unfortunately, we did not have time to do the corn maze with two one year olds, but maybe next year. Here are some pics of Payton and Bree playing and exploring:

Payton's first time going down a slide by himself! I think he had fun.

Payton walking thru the corn tunnel with Daddy.

Riding a carousel. Payton says he prefers to ride his pony Daisy, but that this was fun too.

Kevin, Cristin, and Bree on the carousel.

Payton took Bree for a spin on the tractor.

Payton riding the corn horse with Mama.

This is one of my favorite shots of the day... I think the kids are adorable.

Payton at the pumpkin patch picking a Payton-sized pumpkin.

A hay ride to the pumpkin patch.

Bree does not look nearly as excited as Payton about this photo.
Overall we had a blast! If only it could stay fall instead of turning into cold, dreary, miserable, awful winter. (Can you tell I HATE winter and it crappy short days?!)