Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mr. Jefferson's University

I just realized that I never posted pics of Payton's first official visit to The University on Halloween, complete with a walk down the lawn and stroll thru the bookstore, a stop in Newcomb, and lunch on the Corner. My college roomies were in town because Em had a residency interview. It was a great reason for all of us to get together and catch up. We ended the evening with a wonderful meal at Shannon's house (prepared by Kevin) and taking Halloween pics of the kids.

On the steps of the Rotunda.
"Mom, maybe I will live on the lawn one day?"
UVA alums Carrie, Shannon, Emilie (Lyla), Me (Payton), Erin (Chloe) with future Wahoos.
Lyla (5 mos), Payton (13 months) and Chloe (12 months) playing on the steps of the Rotunda.
I LOVE this pics of Chloe and Payton on the steps.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful #2

Nov 4: The boys DID win the regional meet...for the THIRD year in a ROW! And since I was in already 2 hours from home for the meet, Payton and I were able to drop by and see a friend and her one week old baby after the meet. What an AWESOME DAY!
Nov 5: Bandit getting on the trailer without a fight... this was a HUGE blessing!
Nov 6: Enjoying the fun of hunt nite and the thrill of riding a course with two other horse/rider combos... without practicing... and still coming home with a ribbon! I loved that my husband was actually able to participate in hunt nite and have fun!
Nov 7: A safe trip home.
Nov 8: Chloe Grace. My bff's little girl turned ONE! She is such a blessing to everyone!
Nov 9: A relaxing day.
Nov 10: My students behaved for my practicum student.
Nov 11: Payton's laugh! It always brightens my day!
Nov 12: Wes came home with a$65 gift card from work. I used it to fill up the truck with gas... nice!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Family Fun

Daisy snoozin' ringside. Look at her pretty braids.

Our family having fun!

Payton rode Bandit too! Can you tell he loves to ride! Our boy has no fear of horses!

Sarah, Bandit's previous Mama, looks so proud!

Bandit, Wes, my Mom, Payton, me, and my sister Brooke.

This weekend Wes, Payton and I enjoyed some family fun showing at Hunt Night at the Horse Center. Wes had a great round and finished 3rd out of 38 in the handy hunter class! I was so proud of him and Bandit. My sister joined us for hunt teams and we also finished third as a team! It was especially wonderful because Bandit's Mama (Sarah) was able to see our biggest boy at his best (he is 18 hands!) Bandit was orphaned when his horse mama died three days after he was born. Needless to say, Bandit means a lot to Sarah and I loved that she got to see her boy having fun!

Check out this video of our Hunt Team:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Milk

Just a quick post to document (mostly for myself) Payton's communication milestones. Today as I dropped him off with his Grandma Darlene for music class, I asked her to give him a milk bottle before they left so he would not be hungry and cranky during class. Payton overheard me and immediately signed "more" followed by "milk." This is the first time I have ever seen him sign two ideas together. So cool... I love watching human development. The brain just fascinates me. Over the last two weeks he has really had a communication explosion. He went from barely signing, to signing: music, more, milk, and eat. He also says (speaks) juice and cheese (correctly identified) in his own language in addition to Mama, Daddy, doggie, and daisy. We have a talker on our hands!

Thankful #1

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I can hardly believe it. This year of my life has whizzed by with lightening speed. I thought I would try to write a series of posts about what I am thankful for to see if I can turn my usual fall bitterness (I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS) into something a bit more positive. I have decided to write something I am thankful for each day in November. So...

November 1: Enjoying the weekend with my college roomies. I am so blessed we are still close!

November 2: Enjoying dinner at El Charros with my favorite people! Payton and Wes, I love you guys!!!

November 3: I did not have any overly whiny parents at parent/teacher conferences AND the truck passed state inspection without needing any major work (which we cannot afford right now).

November 4: This is a little in advance, but I am hoping that I can report tomorrow that I am thankful for a repeat performance for the SHS boys Cross Country team as the Region Meet Champions!

What are you thankful for?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy, I Am

Payton attended several Halloween parties dressed as Yoda.

Payton trying to feed 6 month old Lyla some hershey candy.

Payton with Grandma Judy.

Payton tricking Grandma Darlene and Grandpa Whit.

This is not the best pic, but trying to get four 1 year olds to cooperate is not and easy task. Matthew (ladybug), Lucy (puppy), Bree (pumpkin) and Payton (Yoda). Most of them enjoyed Halloween (Matt wasn't such a fan...).
Happy Halloween! Now it time to enjoy the wonderful season of Thanksgiving!!! One of my favorite holidays !