Thursday, April 29, 2010

About 19 1/2 Months :)

I saw my cousin's post today and realized that I am a little behind on Payton updates these days. Her son, Jackson, and Payton are only 1 week apart! Long nights of adoption #2 paper work has seriously diminished my posting time! The good news is that the last three months of pushing thru paper work (home study and dossier) means we will be "officially" on the waiting list in the next week or two to bring home our little boy or girl (3 or under) or a sibling set (4 and under) from Ethiopia. We are excited to see WHO God brings to our family to be a brother or sister to little Payton. We are fairly confident that we will be placed with a toddler boy, as this is the shortest waiting list, but only God really knows ;)

Payton continues to be the joy of our lives; more energetic, communicative, and loving than ever. Some of his favorites these days include: riding (his pony, Daddy's back, his rody, the broom, his little bike, anything...), singing ring around the rosie, listening to Raffi, all things Thomas, dancing, pushing his "popper" around outside, BUBBLES!!!, cheesin' for the camera and saying cheese every time he sees and camera. having Daddy drag him around in a cardboard box thru the house, lovin' on his Lulu-dog, throwing a tantrum when we take something away (leaps onto my legs with a death grip and will NOT let go), not letting Mommy leave the nursery at church, yelling MOMMY and DADDY when he sees us in pictures, playing with solo cups, kicking balls, eating tofu (yes, it is still his FAVORITE!), reading his board books, and hiking. Payton also had a very unfortunate first this past month, a seizure. The doctors think his extremely high fever (106) brought it on, but we are not sure what caused the temperature increase. A few days later he had pneumonia, but they think that was a result and not a cause of the seizure. However, he has been happy and healthy (other than his constant allergy issues) since then... PTL! Those were the scariest 6 minutes of my life and I hope to never see him like that again. We are praising God that he was okay and that we were not in the air when it happened (our plane had literally just landed and we were still in the airport). They took him by ambulance to the ER because his oxygen level was in the 60s and we spent most of the nite there (see pic) and within hours Payton was back to his normal self (just had a steady temp of 102). We are hoping this never happens again!

Some pics of our little man these days:

Hiking near our home with Daddy and Lulu:

In the ER waiting for the doctor to release him (we both look pretty awful here):
Showing of his blue ribbon at the horse show:
Putting on his game face for the horse show:
Payton's vocab these days includes: (spoken) cheese, horse," a dis?" (what's this), shoes, baby, Mommy, Daddy, YES!, no (usually nanana with a violent head shake), banana, cookies, mamaw, jackieeeee, shhhhh, (signed) bye-bye, pig, dog, mouse, giraffe, fish, beautiful, milk, more, finished, wash hands, lotion, eat, phone, brush teeth. I know I am forgetting some, but it is really neat to watch him combine his signing and speaking to communicate whatever it is he wants.

Payton continues to stay fairly tiny: Height: 30.5 inches (under 5 %), Weight: 22 lbs (under 5%), Head Circumference: 19 1/4 inches (60 %). Even though he is small, we are thrilled that he is gaining weight again as he maintained 19 lbs for months! We tried to take his bottle away cold turkey last month (after MANY failed attempts at gently weaning him off) and he refused to drink more the 3-4 ounces for several days. We caved and gave him the bottle back because I felt like he was just too small to not get the fat content in his milk. So we may be bad parents for letting our kid have a bottle at 19 months, but I think we would be REALLY bad parents if we did not allow him the nutrition he needs. I mean, really, I don't think he will take his bottle to kindergarten; he will let it go when he is ready.

In other family news:

1. I will be teaching at the new high school in our district starting next fall (mixed emotions about this).
2. Wes officially graduates with his MBA this Sunday!
3. Payton, Wes , and I will be attending an Ethiopian Heritage Camp this summer. :)
4. Wes is enjoying working with a new 3 y.o. mare named Jasmine, a quarter horse/Belgian cross.
5. We are delighted to announce that Payton has two new cousins as of this week: Noah (born to Jennifer and Chris) and Oscar (born to Matt and Nicole).
6. We've enjoyed celebrating with our friends Kevin and Julie in the referral of their son! And that they passed court yesterday! Their son is almost the exact same age as Payton. I can't wait for them to meet!
7.Wes is going to "come out of retirement" and coach football next fall.

That is about all for now! Sorry I've been a terrible blogger lately!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sadie and Payton

Payton had a chance to meet his little cousin Sadie while we were in Boston! They played in the park and enjoyed conversations on the couch. Payton loved to touch her soft hair and was so gentle with her. We loved meeting Sadie and hope to see her again soon!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Forever Family Day

One year ago today we (legally) became a family when Payton's adoption was finalized in a court on the other side of the country. It was an uneventful day tate culminated in phone call with the attorney's office saying the case went well and they would mail us his adoption decree. I feel much more emotionally connected to the day that Payton was first placed in my arms, but this day has significance too and so we celebrate! I spent the day playing with Payton and we went to dinner and he had his favorites (French fries and quesadillas). Finally, we ended the night reading God Found Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergren. It is a sweet story about a little grey fox talking about his adoption day with his mom, a red fox. So cute. As I rocked Payton in my arms tonite, I couldn't help but think how amazing Payton is and how blessed we are to be his parents. As he was nodding off to sleep, I was whispering the last words in the book. I got a little teary as I read,

Little Fox smiled and then thought for a moment. "Mama, will you be my forever mama?"

"Always and FOREVER. No matter what," she promised. "This is where you belong. Here, with me, my sweet child. You are mine. The best gift in the whole wide world. I will always love you and treasure you and celebrate the day you came, the day the God found us you." (Lisa Tawn Bergren)

Little Man, we love you and thank God you are a part of our family. Happy Forever Family Day and I will gladly be your forever mama...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...and Boats and an Ambulance

We had a very busy weekend! Payton experienced several firsts as we toured Boston last weekend; including his second ever plane trip, his first ever subway ride, first boat ride...and first ambulance trip (stay tuned for a special post on this one). We were in Boston to witness the surprise engagement of one of my best friends, Meghan, to her boyfriend, Joe. It was totally romantic and total surprise for her. After the festivities, we enjoyed touring the city. Here are a few pics:

First time in Fenway :) BTW, I finally invested in an Ergo. Best. Thing. Ever!
First time in the Boston Library (Payton kept pointing to the lions and roaring :)...

First time in Boston Commons (Payton wasn't to impressed with the duck. He kept posting and the duck never trotted, so he dismounted. Hysterical! He also tried to feed the ducks :)
Payton with his Godmother Meghan, the day after her engagement!
First time on a boat!

Just after the proposal... Meghan stepped onto the boat, full of her favorite people! Including her handsome Godson.
All of my besties in one place, surrounding the newly-engaged couple, Meghan and Joe.

All tuckered out...

Stay tuned for more Boston stories, including meeting cousin Sadie and Payton's first trip to the ER.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I LOVE this little boy! Check out his latest "cheese" face!
Family Easter Photo in the Arboretum.
Payton managed to find TWO Easter eggs at his first ever egg hunt.
He was serious about his Easter Egg hunting.
This pic is cousin Bryden and Payton at Grandma and Gaga's house for Easter Dinner. I love how much they enjoy each other.