Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Busy Little Boy

Ready to horse show!
Enjoying a Popsicle after going to see Elmo.
Playing on his new swing set for the first time. Grandma joined him!

Watching Elmo with his friend, Chloe.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What if we knew the future?

Life would be pretty hard to stomach!


Last week was a tough one! May seems to be a month of animal crisis in our house (last year Topper and Lily died and Sawyer's episodes started). Today is actually Lily's birthday. She would be seven today if the crappy crappy disease called cancer hadn't ended her life so early. We sure miss that sweet girl! RIP Lily. Jackson and Lulu will walk in your memory at the Bark for Life next weekend.

Now back to last week... Carmen was stepped on by horse and nearly paralyzed (tore her MCL and slipped a disk in her back leaving her unable to walk on her own), and both Carmen and Lulu ate something dead (or so the vets suspect) and contracted a bacteria in their gut that caused them to start bleeding out. Carmen's case was the worst. She became non-responsive, white gummed, and cold. I sat with her and cried and said those awful goodbyes because I did not think Wes would get her to the vet before she died. Tears streamed down my face as I recalled our last eleven years together. She was at every major event with me: high school graduation, college graduation, my wedding, our first child, our first home, everything. Carmen is so loyal to me and I couldn't stand feeling like I could do nothing to help her. It was awful. Well, Wes and Carmen made it to the emergency vet at midnight and turns out she was critical, but the infection she had is usually curable if caught in time. So after 48 hours of fluids and antibiotics at the dog hospital, Carmen came home... and then Lulu got sick. After more hours of cleaning up blood all over our house, over 5 trips to the vet (emergency and regular), and $1000.00, our animals appear to be on the mend. It was exhausting. And I am so thankful that I had no idea it was coming because how would I have ever gotten out of bed to face the day? I remember one night this week laying in bed, turning to Wes and saying, "it is such a blessing that we don't know the future!"

A blessing, indeed!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Yea for Daddy!

Two and a half years of hard work and a short walk later, Wes got his MBA!

So proud of you, Sweets! Payton is proud of all of his Daddy's hard work. What a great example you set for him!

Just sayin'

so this is teacher appreciation week. right. i have three after school meetings, grades are due, and b/c of the lovely economy there are no pay adjustments for cost of living increases for next year. not to mention that i have never once, in SIX years of teaching, had a single student even so much as thank me during teacher appreciation week. (altho many parents do :) oh, but wait. i get to wear jeans on wednesday. that makes everything better. sigh.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

On the GO GO GO

I hope he drives a little better when he is 16!

Why is He soooo Happy!?

A complete stranger asked us this last night. We were finishing up our meal at a local restaurant, one of the few resturaunts in the county so we were sure to help out our local schools with our additional $.95 tax :), when a couple stopped by that had watched Payton all dinner long. It was about 9pm and we had been there for nearly an hour. Payton was still laughing and playing games with us as always. The lady placed her hand on his head (yes, people still love to touch his hair) and then ran her hand gently around his cheek. Normally, this would freak me out a little bit as I am such a germaphobe. But there was something about the way she looked at him and said "thank you" to Payton that made me okay with it. She was thanking him for his joy. We are so grateful that Payton is such a JOY and so very happy and that God uses his fun spirit to touch others! A sweet moment. I hope and pray his little heart is always so full of happiness and that this cold world never takes away his joy. Love you sweet boy.