Sunday, August 15, 2010

Open House

Today was the Open House for our high school that is going to open its doors to students for the first time in a week and half. It has been fun, overwhelming, and a little crazy preparing for this big day. I was lucky enough to have a few really special visitors stop by the open house.

A glimpse of the future...

My aunt and her family came to see me! They posed in front of a wall hanging she brought back from Nigeria when I was eight!
My mom tested out the new technology in my classroom :)

It was a fun day, but I am still not ready to head back to school. Not because I don't want to teach the kids, but because I have to leave my boy :(.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Payton at 22 months, almost 23 months

Yes, our baby boy is almost 2 and I think I am in denial.

He is rapidly changing, so this is a quick post of things I want to remember from this stage.

1. Jumping. Yup. Both feet off the ground, jumping just to jump. He's been able to jump for two months, but this week he thinks it is hysterical just to jump around for no real reason. Our friends have a trampoline and Payton can literally entertain himself for an hour on there (it has a net around it so he cannot fall off.)
2. Thomas. Or anything train like. He goes bananas when he sees anything Thomas-related. He has Thomas shoes, cups, trains, utensils, bath squirties, dvds, books, and the list goes on. His great Aunt Linda was the supplier of the majority of these lovely toys. Today we walked thru T.arget and he saw a Thomas sprinkler and Payton started to singing "Daaaa Da Da Da dada Daaaaadadada, dadadada,dadadada...." almost perfectly to the tune. Crazy. I had no idea he knew the song! I won't let him watch Thomas on S.prout because it is only 15 minutes and he has a total meltdown when it is over, so we avoid it all together and save the dvds for special occasions... like plane rides. He also obssesses over trains being in a line and if one gets out of order he gets super duper upset. He will literally play with trains for an hour straight, by himself. It is crazy how much he loves this stuff! We did buy him the Thomas and Caboose for the wooden train set, but we don't have the wooden track yet. Maybe we will get that for him for his b-day. His cousin Willow was so generous to give him her old train table. And as she said, "I can see it is already being put to good use!" Payton and his choo-choos.

3. No more bottle! Finally! We have been bottle-free for a week now. I'd say this is miraculous. Payton never latched onto a "lovey," but he sure did latch onto his bottle as his comfort item. We are so glad to have those bottles GONE, tho they should have been gone 10 months ago!!!!
4. Signing. Payton still signs much more than he speaks. Today's new sign is "stuck." I don't think I could even list how many signs he knows now... it is just really cool to watch how quickly he picks it up. One of his favorite signs is Rhinoceros. This evening he tried to teach me a sign. He was watching B.lues C.lues and created his own sign for the Handy Dandy Notebook. Then he ran to Willow and showed her how to sign notebook, and then ran over to me to teach me.
5. His Own Language. Payton has a few things that he says often that must mean something to him, but our not real words to us. His favorite is "Dabadeeeee" and as he says it he twists both arms. He also calls his boy-parts "mena." Again, I don't know where he got this saying.
6. "Oh [insert any number of words here]. " Payton loves to say "Oh Cool, O-kay, Oh Man (which sounds like meem), Oh No, Uh Oh, Oh Yuck (which often sounds like the F-bomb), Oh Wow, and just about anything else Ohhhhhh.
7. Lulu. Payton adores his dog, Lulu. He sees the others (Jackson and Carmen) as threats to his food and is always yelling NO! to them, but Lulu is special to him. He loves to give her unsolicited hugs and always makes sure to do so before going to bed. He even calls for her when he gets up from his nap. We hear, "Mommy...Daddy.... Lulu..." over the monitor. Even more precious is his gentle heart towards Lulu. Payton wanted to share his cookie with her and Wes told him no. He looked a Lulu and then back at Wes with the most devastated expression on his face, pouty bottom lip and all. He loves her. In fact, his first spoken two-word sentence (he has signed sentences for a while) was, "Bye, Lulu." Followed with the sign for "I Love You." Be still my heart. I hope his compassion for animals continues to grow exponentially!

Payton and Lulu
8. Still not sleeping. For the last month, Payton has ended up in bed with us around 4am each nite. Then he wakes around 8, sits up and giggles, almost as if to say, "I win again!"
9. Mama's boy. I think it is because I have been home from work during the summer, but Payton has become a total Mama's boy lately. I am trying to enjoy every minute of it. While it is nice to get showered with his sweet kisses, the clinginess can get a little much. He is also far less willing to try new things when I am around. He clings around my neck so tightly. For instance, I took Payton to a horse show to do the leadline class on Friday. He cried and tried to throw himself off the horse. So unlike him as he never does this at the barn. So I asked another mom to take him in and I ducked out of sight. He was fine. It seems to be me. Why?
Payton attempting to dismount Chip and land in Mama's arms

Time to sit in a puddle of tears while I plan his second birthday.... I bet you will never guess the theme...