Saturday, September 25, 2010


Yup. We are all vaccinated! Wes and I got our travel vaccines for Ethiopia. I received the immunizations for Hep A, Polio, DTap, Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Meningitis. Wes was updated with all of those plus chicken pox. His mom could not remember if he had them or not. Our arms were sore for at least a week!

Payton went to the doctor this week for his two year old check up and they gave him Hep A, Polio, and the MMR.

Hopefully we will have some protection against anything we might be exposed to in Ethiopia.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Going Private by Request

As of tomorrow, this blog will be temporarily private. Our agency has suggested that prospective adoptive parents to do to ensure that we are not violating Ethiopia's social media laws in any way... until then... please keep praying for us. We leave for our court date in just about one month (it was moved up!) If you would like a password for this blog, email rundmk1 at aol dot com or go to for updates.

Thanks! Sorry (for my two loyal readers... shout out to you, Beth ;)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Payton!

Today we celebrated our son! We both took the day off of work and took Payton to the "Depot" for lunch (an old train station with a caboose outside!) and then to his favorite toy store. Payton played hard and picked out a new train set and a train book for his birthday. Payton ended the day with an egg-free cupcake (and he said the work cake for the first time... it just occurred to me that he has not been exposed to it much because of his allergy, so it was a very meaningful word to learn today. It repeated it over. over. over.) We topped it off with some of his new skin care products from Carol's Daughter (reviews to come after we use it on P for awhile). It was so fun to have a day just for him. I spent much of the day thinking about Mama C today and wondering what she was feeling today. I still have such admiration for her strength and I am so grateful that she gave Payton the miraculous gift of life.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Enkuntatash! Happy 2003!

Today we started the new year off with a celebration! No, not the school year... the Ethiopian New Year. Ethiopia uses the Julian calendar (similar to the Egytian/Coptic calendar). According to their calendar, it is Meskerem (September) 1st 2003! It is appropriate to gather with family and friends and welcome each other with New Year greetings and discuss the hopes and dreams of the future. In Ethiopia, this also marks the end of the rainy season. We celebrated with our Ethiopian and Eritrean friends today. We have been so blessed by this community who welcomed us with open arms. A family of local business owners organized the party and catered the majority of the food from their restaurant. Others of us transported many of the Eritrean refugee families that needed rides and once we were all there, celebrations followed. Eating. Dancing. Planning. Sharing. It was beautiful. I especially enjoyed watching all of the kids play together. It was also so wonderful to share with our friends about Little B and have them share in the excitement and anticipation with us.

More Dancing.

Payton crashed when we got home.All the little two year old boys... Payton was showing them how to bust some moves.
Notice Payton is wearing his traditional white clothes in this picture... this picture was taken before he ate strawberries, played in the woods, busted his mouth and bled on his shirt.
Yummy injera and wat. Being the pathetic chef that I am, I just brought crockpot mac and cheese.
Payton with our Eritrean friend, Medhanie! Medhanie just moved to our town a few short weeks ago.
Payton and I with Medhanie's wife, Mirihet and their son, Abel.

While I was soaking in the culture, chasing my little boy, eating a lot of injera and generally enjoying life, I was 100% content. My oldest boy was not celebrating with us. I wonder what he did do today? Did he have a special meal at the orphanage? Did anyone get him a card? Did any of the nannies tell him how much they love him and they he is loved by so many? I just wanted to know what he was thinking today. Little B, we will see you in October! Only a month away little man.