Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Graduate

I cannot believe B "graduated" from pre-school last week! It just seems surreal. Like we somehow crammed four years of parenting into the last five months. Just crazy. I must admit that I got a little teary watching him walk across the stage. I just could not stop thinking about the child he was five months ago when he first came home and the child he is today. Much remains the same, but today he is happy, healthy, giggly, confident, and proud. Soo, soo different than the little boy we met last October. He is growing so quickly and changing so fast that we can barely keep up... or keep him in clothes and shoes! He loved pre-K. He went 4 half days each week. I am hoping that this set a positive foundation for kindergarten in the fall. Overall, I was pleased with his school and so proud of him. His teacher called him "the enforcer" because he was always reminding the other kids to behave. Bunte does not like for anyone to get in trouble. Here are few of his graduation pictures:

B and his teacher, Ms. Tiffanie.
After receiving his "diploma" and medal.
Evidently, B wants to be a helicopter pilot. This is news to me! But what a cute picture!

Just thought I would document of few other Bunte-isms before his accent completely fades and he has totally mastered English...

1. He still continues to say "ning anound the nosy" when playing ring around the rosey.
2. When he sings Itsy, Bitsy Spider, he says the spider went "up the wada wa."
3. He always likes to point out "disc one" instead of "this one."
4. He doesn't play soccer... he plays "soccer baowl."
5. He loves playing with his doctor kit, or "fix it," but whenever he pretends takes someone's temperature he says they are "96.1 light fm Christmas." At first, we could not figure it out at all and then we realized that when he first came home (Christmas time) we would have the Christmas station on the radio (96.1 light fm). He is repeating their station identification.
6. He still can roll those Rs. The kid loves to tell us if something is dirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty.
7. He has an amazing sense of direction and can always tell where we are going, even if I did not tell him.

I am sure there are more... but its late and my brain is fried. But needless to say, I love this kiddo and I am so proud of him!