Thursday, July 21, 2011

Morning Conversations

Each morning the boys and I sit down to eat our breakfast. Payton has a "brekbawr" (a nutrigrain bar, because that is all he will eat these days... oh, two year old power struggles) and Bunte and I usually have cereal and juice. Morning conversations typically fall around the days plans or how they laughed at mommy chasing the boxers in the backyard when I let the dogs out. But this morning's conversation was a little different.

We had made a quick grocery run yesterday to pick up some much needed toilet paper before the last roll had only one square to spare. I had not put the tp away and it was sitting by the table in the breakfast nook. The brand we bought uses bears to for its advertising. Bunte got a huge smile and said, "Mommy, mommy, look! It is just like us! The mommy bear is pink and she is swinging a little brown bear in the air!" Sure enough, he is right. My kids love to see other families, pretend or real, that look like us. It makes them feel normal. Thank you, Ch@armin brand TP, for making my sons day.

We are off to Ethiopian culture camp in a few hours to enjoy time surrounded by families like ours. Although the brutal heat and pregnancy nausea will make some parts of this camp not so great for me, I will have a smile on my face because I know my kids will feel "normal" for a few days. No stares. No rude intrusions from strangers. Just normal. :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It made me smile...

in the midst of this crazy pregnancy news, Wes and I have had some emotional moments... for many reasons. But mostly because people seem to be rejoicing "more" about this baby that about our adoptions. It hurts. They may not even realize it, but they are. I have two posts I've written, and not posted, about this very issue. Still not sure if I will post them. They are pretty raw. In the mean time, I am *finally* learning to embrace this pregnancy and not just put on my fake smile when people tell me "congrats" and go on and on and on (I mean, where was that when we announced the adoptions of our boys?!), followed by some "first time" mom advice, like I don't already have children of my own. It is becoming a more genuine smile now. We are excited about HER arrival (yes, a GIRL), but all this hoopla makes me worried for my boys. How will/do they feel? Do they notice? I am not sure.

However, my aunt Linda made me smile yesterday. She confessed to me that the other day she saw the cutest little Black girl, about Payton's age, bouncing around in store with precious braids and barretts. " She was beautiful," Linda said. And as she watched her, Linda thought..."oh, won't it be so cute when Wes and Diana have their little girl... she will look just like this :)." I love it. My aunt truly sees my little brown kids as MY kids. Not kind of like them. So much so that she envisions my future children having beautiful brown skin and tight curls too. Then she thought for a second as was like... "wait a minute. Not this baby. She will probably have curly strawberry blonde hair." But, I just loved that she could combine her excitement about our new child in a way that embraced what she already knows to be our children. And it just made sense to her... and to me. So cute.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Last week we were fortunate enough to spend the week at Myrtle Beach. We had not been to that beach in while, but it was a good choice for the kids.

One day we went to a Matinee showing of Car2 (which I did not like, btw. Far too violent for my taste. Especially since we do not let our kids play with any kind of toy guns, swords, knives,lasers, etc. We are really discouraging violence of any type and I was torn between walking out, because everything was blowing up and being shot at, and staying, because my kids LOVED the first one and have been counting down the days to see the movie. Next time I will preview this movie first. Lesson learned. I just don't know why they have to make little kid movies so violent. I HATE IT. We made the best of it. OK, I'll get off my soapbox now.) We took the boys to "build-a-ride" after the movie. Bunte made a Lightening and Payton made a "cwusty" Mater (what he calls the rusty version of Mater). They loved it and are still playing with their far-too-expensive -for -what -they-are cars. After that we headed to Johnny Rockets for lunch. Again, the kids LOVED the dancing and the smiley face ketchup. They are so easy to please. It was a fun day!

Payton building his Mater.
We headed to the aquarium on another day. Again, I was disappointed in the quality of the aquarium. I felt like the tanks were too small and too crowded for the number of fish in them. However, it was very hands on and the kids had a great time.
I tried hard to get a good picture of the boys with the sea turtle in the background, but you can only do so much with a camera phone. If you look hard you can see the turtle behind Bunte's head. Payton was having a hard time sitting still because he wanted to get back on the train (the moving sidewalk thru the tunnel, under the largest tank.)
On our way down to the beach we took the opportunity to stop by my Aunt Meg's house. It was a fabulous visit! I love their dog, Duke. My boys enjoyed him too! They threw the ball deep into the woods and he was able to retrieve it every time. Good boy, Duke :)!
The first time Bunte's toes touched the Atlantic. A special moment.
Bunte catching his first real look at the ocean! That is a genuine smile! He is a beach bum for sure. Loved every minute of it!
So this picture was supposed to be a classic family pic with beach grass in the background. Ha. The sand was blowing so hard that we were all red from the wind and sand, Bunte had just sliced his toe pretty good on a sharp shell in the water and Payton is naked under the towel because he had just pooped in his trunks. TMI, I know. Just being honest that things aren't always what they seem :)
Ugly Brooke toes (my sister).
Cute Bunte toes :)
Look at him fly. I guess this is one advantage to having a tiny-tot. He is nearly 3 and only weighs 25 pounds, so he can still catch some serious air time.
Me and my baby boy.
Family time! Much better family picture. The smiles were genuine this time.
My sister and David with the boys.
Char and my aunt Linda with their daughter, Willow.
The boys loved tackling Daddy in the surf. If you look at Wes' face in the pictures below, I don't think he enjoyed it as much as they did...

Payton's "trick," as he calls it. He just balances there for a minute and then plops in the water. The he "pits" out the water in his mouth. (He still doesn't say the "s" sound at the beginning of words.)
Bunte's learned to swim!!!!!!! He is no expert, but took amazing strides in learning to swim at the beach. Proud mommy moment, for sure!
Look at him go!

We had a great time and have the itch to return already. I think I just might plan a short weekend trip!