Sunday, August 28, 2011

What a Way to Start the School Year!

Bunte started Kindergarten this week and I had that feeling again of "how did we just do 5 years of parenting in the last 8 months?" So crazy. Thankfully, Bunte was so excited for school and loves his teacher! He was a little (ok, a lot) wired and energized after the first day and left some of his listening skills in his Kindergarten classroom, but his behavior improved the rest of the week. The teacher said he did an AWESOME job this week but he needs to work on raising his hand instead of answering ALL of the questions. (So at dinner the other nite he had his had in the air and I asked him what he was doing. He said, "waiting for you to call on me.") ;)

Wes snapped a picture of both of us on our first day of school! His day was way more fun that mine. So fun, in fact, that he never noticed the 5.9 earth quake. I, however, did notice it. I actually thought the pharmaceutical plant next to the high school where I teach blew up. My students were as baffled as I was. Crazy for Virginia to have an earth quake we actually notice.

Bunte rides the bus to school most mornings, but Wes picks him up in the afternoons so he does not have to ride on the bus for an hour. Here he is at the end of the day, waiting patiently in the "K" pick up area.

One happy little kindergartner! He joined Daddy at football practice for a bit and then came with me to cross country practice. When we finally got in the car to come home, I asked him what he did at school. After his list of 10 things, he told me had a lot of fun..... but he really missed his brother! I love that my boys are growing to be such good friends. I hope and pray that bond grows stronger and stronger over the years.

One last bus picture. My Aunt Linda called Bunte to ask him how his first day went and they were having a conversation about the bus ride. Bunte's part of the conversation I heard went something like this, "No, I didn't DRIVE the bus. That would be silly. I am not old like Dad-Dad. I only sit on the bus." (BTW, my Dad (the boys call him Dad Dad) is a farmer and also drives a school bus. I am sure he will be glad to know that Bunte thinks he is old ;).

We hope Bunte's enthusiasm for school lasts for the next 16 years or so! And for next week to have a few less natural disasters.....

Monday, August 22, 2011

"She kiss me"

I was driving when Payton shared these words with me.

And the tears just rolled. I couldn't even turn around and look at him. I don't know if it is just these pregnancy hormones or what, but I could not stop it. The conversation started as Bunte was trying to piece together extended family relationships after a family gathering and how we are all connected. Then he shared a little about his relatives in Ethiopia and he asked if Payton has other brothers and sisters. I shared the little bit of information I had with the boys. Then I heard Payton's little voice say, "I was in Mama C's belly (he said her entire name, but I am not listing it for privacy purposes) and I came out and she held me and she kiss me and she say, "I love you!"

I have told Payton many times that his first mama loves him, but I have never placed it in this context to him. I really don't know what happened in the 36 hours of his life I missed, but I do know that Mama C does love her little boy and prays for him. My heart was delighted to know that Payton, not even 3 yet, has internalized this message and knows he was and is loved by both of his moms.

Oh, this little boy can melt my heart.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Big Belly

So I have not written a post about this pregnancy... because I have not really wanted to and probably should not really put on a public blog the thoughts running through my head in response to many things we have heard form well-meaning people that just plain hurt my feelings. (BTW, if you see me, do not congratulate me on "finally having a real child" or "one of my own". My 2 and 4 year olds are also very real and very much my own. Trust me.) Anyhow, my Daddy said if you can't say something nice.... so, I'll just leave it at that.

However, this little one probably deserves a little more time and attention that I have given her over the past few weeks. There just really isn't time to think about being pregnant when you have a 2 yo and a 4 yo demanding every second of your waking hours. Anyhow, I really have no real reason to whine or complain. I think most pregnant people generally feel kinda crappy and I am right there with them. Otherwise, life goes on. On a lighter note, the one thing that I keep hearing from people is: "your only _ weeks, wow! You look much bigger. Are you sure there aren't twins in there? Are you sure you are only __ weeks?" The answer is yes, I am sure. I have had about 8 or so ultrasounds due to a subchorionic hemorrhage early in my pregnancy. I am sure if the due date was way off or there were twins, someone would have told me. I just have a fat, bloated belly with a baby somewhere in there. And for the record, I just passed 16 weeks and have only gained three pounds since my first weigh in with the midwives at 4.5 weeks. Pretty happy about that :) So, I don't know why my belly is so big, it just is. Perhaps because I have a short waist? Don't know. So what do you think? Am I really as big as they say?

At 12.5 weeks.....

At 16 weeks.....

Ok, no laughing people. :) I told you it was big.

And now every time my boys see someone with a big belly they ask them if there is a baby in there. Oh, talk about some awkward moments.

Little One,
I know we've been rather busy, but I promise that we are very excited to meet you and hold you and kiss your tiny cheeks. And if we could just fast forward to January, your mommy would be delighted. Just keep growing and doing your thing that little babies do in utero (not sure what that is...) and pay no attention to the people that think mommy's belly is much to big :)
We Love You,
Mommy and Daddy