Saturday, August 25, 2012

Going from 2 to 3

Hello loyal readers, all three of you.  Perhaps you noticed I haven't updated since April?  Well, it turns out going from 2 to 3 kids is ummm... harder than I imagined.  Life has been busy as we journeyed through (many) awful, sleepless nights with a baby who has a wicked case of reflux.  Doing life on an average of 3-4 hours of non-continuous sleep just plain sucks.  Although there are nights where I truly feel at my wits end, we still love our little (big), screaming bundle of joy. 

Here is a quick update of the last few months:

 We took a quick trip to Pennsylvania in June.  It was a blast to spend time with my college roommates Emilie and Shannon.

 June ended with a (not-so-relaxing) vacation to Myrtle Beach.  We loved watching the kids have fun!

 In July, we spent some time at home... and also said goodbye to our sweet Bug.  Although we were sad to sell her, we know that she is at a new home with someone who can spend time with her everyday and help her reach her potential.
 We also went to DC for a day trip and visited the National History Museum, the AIr Space Museum, and Isaiah toured the national mall riding on Daddy's back.
 Isaiah also rode in his first leadline class in July.  My little chubbers looked adorable!

 We enjoyed a lovely hike in the SNP with some friends.  As you can see, the deer are terribly afraid of people :)

Going from 2 to 3 has also been full of surprises.  We had so much anxiety over how our boys would respond to Isaiah.  We have been pleasantly surprised.  They both adore him (how they feel about each other is another story, indeed)!  One of my favorite things about being a mom to three is watching my older two with Isaiah.  Payton likes to teach him how to crawl or eat or anything really.  Payton is such a genuine kid so it really looks like he is trying educate Isaiah.  Bunte is Isaiah's most favorite person.  No one else can make Isaiah smile so big.  It is heart warming. 

Here we are in August and back to the grind.   Bunte started first grade last week, I am back at school teaching world history and US history, Payton starts preschool again in September, and Wes is coaching football at the local high school.  Isaiah spends his days with the sitter learning how to sit, eating a lot, and jabbering away.  In the evenings we reconvene around our dinner table and laugh and laugh at our boys antics.  Life is crazy these days, but we are so in love with our kiddos.